He loved Saskatchewan


He loved Saskatchewan, the sky (both day and night), clouds, stars, the sun and the moon. The weather, from sunny days to stormy nights; he truly loved thunder storms and storms of all types. The outdoors; prairie fields and northern lakes; he loved to fish, to be out in a bout.

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canada goose About 25km north of Newport we say goodbye to Highway 101. It’s been a blast, and I’ll never forget its highs and lows but we’ve got Portland firmly in our sights. It’s only 100km away, so happy/sad we turn inland and drive though Native American land belonging to the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde, past the massive Spirit Mountain Casino and turn instead into canada goose the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum to see Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose only to discover that this, the largest airplane ever made, is in fact mainly made of birch canada goose.

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