Welcome to the (almost) end of 2015, where in the world of young Indonesian entrepreneurs, the word “passion” is still the magic key. Along these three years and more, wherever you go, wherever you went, things like “passion”, “branding”, “creative” and “entrepreneurship”, “collaboration” were…everywhere. First you saw it on the youngsters. Those who pride themselves as “Passionate Creativepreneur” were all about designing, creating, and for some who joins the rank, comes after hacking themselves free from the cycle of 9 to 5 job. Which I admire greatly.

I recall those days clearly, when the fire of passion burn so great, you felt nigh invincible. Still fresh, the protests from two previous generations. How could they not ? Harvard Business Review on October 2014 mentioned that the Y generation found settling in on one job was increasingly difficult. A typical Y generation could have 35 different kind of jobs by the end he reached 30. Career Path is Baby Boomer’s thing, and for some of the Y generation, it’s not suitable anymore.

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Michael Judah Sumbayak adalah pengajar di Vibiz LearningCenter (VbLC) untuk entrepreneurship dan branding. Seorang penggemar jas dan kopi hitam. Follow instagram nya di @michaeljudahsumbek


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